Cruise to Caraquet, New Brunswick

Sail into the Port of Caraquet, your gateway to the Acadian Peninsula. On one side is the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and on the other is Chaleur Bay, member of the “Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club”. It’s not hard to see why the Acadians settled here, where the sea kisses the golden sandy beaches and the ocean provides an abundance of delectable seafood.

Here you can step into the world of the early Acadians at the award-winning Acadian Historical Village or get introduced to more than 100 species from the nearby waters at the New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre. Chat with local fishermen, or experience the “joie de vivre” at the heart of the Acadian culture with the music and merriment of a Tintamarre.

Everything you do will, in some way, reveal a piece of Acadian culture. You’ll leave with a bit of Acadian spirit inside of you!

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