Cruise to Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Shelburne’s stunning scenery and fresh salt air greet you as soon as you step off the ship. The charm of this historic seaside town is almost palpable.

This picturesque area on Nova Scotia’s southwestern shore has been the filming site for The Scarlet Letter, Wilby Wonderful, Virginia’s Run, and the two-part TV mini-series, Moby Dick.

French Acadians settled in the region to fish in the late 17th century and named the town Port Razoir because of how the harbour resembled an open razor. New England privateer raids between 1705 and 1708 saw the fishing village abandoned by the Acadians, and the Loyalists moved in.

In Shelburne, you’ll find an abundance of 18th-century architecture, with more pre-1800 wooden buildings located here than anywhere else in Canada. A couple of examples you’ll want to visit include the Shelburne County Museum, originally built as a home in 1787, and Tottie’s Store, believed to have been built in the year 1800.

Nearby exploration opportunities keep you close to port, but you’ll feel as if you’ve slipped into another time. Enjoy the waterfront scenery, visit the historic Dock Street attractions, and browse in the many quaint shops in town. Take a minute to chat with a local—many of them are descendants of the Loyalists who first settled here. Shelburne’s natural beauty, rich heritage, and friendly residents will keep you lingering until you’re forced to return to the ship for your next adventure.

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