Cruise to St. Andrews by-the-Sea/Campobello, New Brunswick

The Bay of Fundy starts here! St Andrews/Campobello caters to smaller discriminating cruise ships and guarantees that ships will be booked on an exclusive – one ship a day policy.

Passamaquoddy Bay forms an archipelago of communities along the Maine USA / New Brunswick Canada border. Campobello Island is the former summer home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and home of an International Park that attracts thousands of visitors each summer. St Andrews-By-the-Sea is known for being one of the best preserved extraordinary 18th century resort towns founded by United Empire Loyalists in 1783. While it might be argued that St Andrews is better known than Campobello, it cannot be argued that the combination of these two communities makes this cruise ship destination a great choice for cruise lines looking for memorable experiences.

Your cruise begins as soon as you land at the wharf in the centre of town. The floating tender dock automatically raises and lowers with the 26 foot tides that come and go twice a day giving passengers an opportunity to witness up close the powerful Bay of Fundy phenomenon. From this impressive beginning, passengers will find an experience marked by natural beauty, history, food experiences, and several attractions including one of North America’s 10 best botanical gardens, a championship golf course, Canada’s newest aquarium and a many more unforgettable shore excursions.

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