Cruise to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

As your ship cruises to the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia, toward the gorgeous rocky shores of Yarmouth County, you’ll understand why Leif Ericson may have decided to explore this part of the world–as some say he did–way back in the year 1000.

From Ericson’s alleged arrival to its Indigenous people, the region is steeped in history. Archaeologists have found relics from 5000 years ago—tools and other objects suggesting this was a prime fishing site throughout the ages. Indeed, Yarmouth’s economy has always been tied to the sea.

When you step off the ship, you’ll want to waste no time, as there’s so much to see and do in this seaside town!

The charming architecture is sure to steal your attention. A number of stately old houses and churches line the streets, all built by affluent merchants, sea captains, and ship owners from days gone by. The area has never experienced a damaging fire, so most of the buildings that were erected here during the height of the shipbuilding era still remain.

If the history of the region interests you, there are tours available… some self-led, others with a tour guide. There are also museums you can visit. One houses an ancient rune that is the cause for speculation about Ericson’s visit to the area.

When you’ve worked up an appetite, you can decide where you prefer to dine—a picturesque picnic spot or a local eatery where you can taste some of the freshest seafood in the world. If sampling local beers, wines, and delicacies is a passion of yours, whet your appetite with a guided foodie tour of the area!

See the largest wooden church in North America, learn about the age-old fishing industry, immerse yourself in Acadian culture, chat with some of the locals, and experience a “tyme” (and learn what that is!). And, if the stars align, and you’re in the area after night falls, cast your eyes to the sky. There’s a bit of magic in Yarmouth & Acadian Shores.

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