Port Specifications - Charlottetown

  • Vessel Agents

    The partners in the Atlantic Canada Cruise Association are ready to welcome your ships to our harbours. These vessel agents can help you secure the berths you need. For more information please visit Port Charlottetown.

    Available Services

    • Fresh water
    • Supplies, bunker and diesel fuel, gas and lubricants
    • Hospital
    • Airport
    • Port operations personnel / security
    • Canada Customs
    • Pilotage (compulsory)
    • Stevedoring


    Main Berth

    183 metres (600.39 feet)
    13 metres (42.65 feet)

    Main Berth East – 2020 expansion

    Breasting Dolphin plus Main Berth
    10 metres (32.81 feet)

    Main Berth West – 2020 expansion

    3 Breasting Dolphins (access and landing bridge)
    17 metres (55.77 feet)
    Turning Basin
    400 metres (1,312.34 feet) @ 10 metres depth
    420 metres (1,377.95 feet) @ 9 metres depth
    520 metres (1,706.04 feet) @ three tides (1.2nm from wharf)
    Tidal range
    2 metres (6.56 feet)

Mission Statement

Atlantic Canada Cruise Association is a regional partnership leading growth and development of the cruise industry to enhance Atlantic Canada's market position.

Growth of the cruise industry in Atlantic Canada provides broad economic benefits to Atlantic Canada through the expansion of port infrastructure to meet the needs of the cruise industry and through strategic marketing partnerships.

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