Ten things to do while in Sydney

  • Top Experience the largest historic reconstrucyion in North America in Louisbourg, NS

    Go to Fortress Louisbourg

    Visit the largest historical reconstruction in North America. Get completely captivated by this engaging re-enactment of life in 1744.

    Explore the past and the mesmerizing history that has shaped the destiny of this continent.

  • Top Sail the Bras d'Or Lakes

    Sail the Bras d’Or Lakes

    Bald eagles soar overhead, or perch on trees by the shore in a major nesting area for these impressive birds making the Bras d’Or Lakes a nature lover’s paradise, not to mention home to some of the finest boating in North America.

    A unique and massive inland sea, the whispering winds of the Bras d’Or Lakes will sail you into a blissful and heart-lifting adventure you’ll never forget.

  • Top Highland Village in Iona near Sydney, NS

    Explore Scottish Roots

    Celebrate Cape Breton's Gaelic history in a living cultural experience complete with costumed animators, period dwellings, artifacts, and farm animals.

    Overlooking the Bras d’Or Lakes, the 43-acre picturesque site of the Hillside Village Museum will take your breath away with its splendid beauty.

  • Top Drive the Cabot Trail

    Travel the Cabot Trail

    Grab your camera and head out on what is considered to be one of the most scenic and breathtaking drives anywhere—especially in autumn. It’s impossible to take a wrong turn on this magnificent drive where mountains meet the sea and sky.

    On the Cabot Trail, every turn provides a new and awe-inspiring vista. Get out of the car and hike ocean cliffs while watching for wildlife. Swing by the charming village of Cheticamp for a taste of Acadian tradition or to the Margaree River Valley for a dose of Celtic culture.

  • Top Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

    Learn about Alexander Graham Bell

    Head to Baddeck and learn about the life of the man who invented many things, including the telephone, at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic.

    Bell’s Aerial Experiment Association built the Silver Dart, the craft that made Canada's first controlled powered flight. This brilliant Canadian also built a boat that flew—the HD4 hydrofoil boat. While you’re in Baddeck, check out a full-scale replica of this famous boat as well as many more models, replicas, and photo displays.

  • Top The Cape Breton Miners Museum

    Head underground

    Guided by a retired coal miner, this somber tour takes you deep underground in an Ocean Colliery. Listen to haunting and passionate stories revealing hard-times, and the chilling history of this back-breaking profession that represents the foundation of prosperity for a nation.

    Learn about the miners who once risked their lives and loved ones to work below the surface of the earth at the Underground Cape Breton Miners Museum.

  • Top Fort Petrie Military Museum

    Visit the Fort Petrie Military Museum

    Learn about how Sydney was a hotspot for military assembly and protection during the Second World War (1939-45). With the fear of German invasion of the British Isles, Sydney became the home of the Royal Navy.

    Honour this period with a visit to Fort Petrie Military Museum, one of seven fortifications located along Sydney Harbour during World War II. Take in the glorious views of Sydney Harbour and delve into a history that should never be forgotten.

  • Top The World's Largest Fiddle in front of the Joan Harriss cruise pavilion

    See the world’s largest fiddle

    Come see the home of the world’s largest fiddle at the Joan Harriss cruise pavilion. Explore the many wonderful exhibitions depicting life in Sydney.

    Immerse yourself in Cape Breton’s rich history of music, aboriginal culture, and much more. Find some hand-crafted treasures to take home and sample some traditional cuisine as you make your way through this excellent space.

  • Top Take a tour of Historic Sydney

    Take a Tour of Historic Sydney

    Take a relaxed walking tour of the Colonial Town of Old Sydney, founded by Loyalists as they were fleeing the American Revolution. Encounter six buildings that were constructed in the late 18th century, and another two which were built at the turn of the 19th.

    Listen to the stories and meet the friendly characters on this tour which brings you to St. Patrick’s, the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Cape Breton; Cossit House, built in 1787; and Jost House, offering interesting exhibits from this same period.

    Taste some homemade refreshments at the Cape Breton Centre for Heritage and Science, the final stop on the tour.

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