Ten things to do while in Caraquet

  • Top See how the Acadians lived

    See how the Acadians lived

    Step into the world of the early Acadians at the award-winning Acadian Historical Village. A historical reconstruction that portrays the way of life of Acadians between 1770 and 1949, interpreters in period dress bring ancestral customs and traditional trades to life. They go about their daily chores in more than 60 authentic heritage buildings, and they work in fields and farmyards that are stocked with animals that the early Acadians raised to support themselves. Among the attractions is Château Albert, a replica of a turn-of the century hotel that once existed in Caraquet. Enjoy a guided tour of some of the buildings, including the opportunity to hear traditional Acadian music, have a traditional Acadian meal at the Château Albert, and celebrate Acadian-style!

  • Top See Blue Lobsters

    See Blue Lobsters

    An excursion to the remarkable New Brunswick Aquarium & Marine Centre will introduce you to more than 100 species from the nearby waters. Embark on a guided tour with an interpreter to explore this amazing site, where experts have created special microhabits in different aquariums to make each of the more than 50 families and more than 100 species feel right at home. You’ll also have an opportunity to chat with a Captain to learn all about fishing in the region, and he’ll even let you take the controls in his indoor wheelhouse! With a fascinating touchtank, an opportunity to visit with the seals, and exclusive access to behind the scenes reserve and research tanks, this is an experience you won’t soon forget!

  • Top Explore Treasures of Sea in l'Acadie

    Explore Treasures of Sea in l'Acadie

    Ideal for a small group, this experience would include opportunities to learn about the various fishing industries on the Acadian Peninsula, including fishing demonstrations and chats with local fishermen. Including components on lobster fishing, oyster fishing (including a visit to the Oyster Economuseum), and more, this is a local experience that guests will remember. And of course, no tour of the Treasure of the Sea in l’Acadie would be complete without a seafood lunch!

  • Top Join the tintamarre

    Join the "Tintamarre"

    Joie-de-vivre is at the heart of Acadian culture, and why not join the party! Craft your own costume and make some noise during the music and merriment of the Tintamarre. Tintamarre is translated as ‘clangour’ or ‘din,’ when Acadians take to the streets and make as much noise as they can to celebrate! Join a local artist to learn about this unique cultural celebration, and craft a traditional costume, mask and noise-maker. Create your own special Acadian tokens of celebration, and let the music and merriment begin!

  • Top Experience Nature at the Lameque Eco-Park

    Experience Nature at the Lameque Eco-Park

    Join a naturalist interpreter at the Lameque Eco-Park for an in-depth exploration of the unique ecosystems that thrive on the Acadian Peninsula. Start at the Interpretation Centre, where you’ll be introduced to the fragile nature of the unique ecosystems that surround you. Then make your way outside, where a naturalist will guide you along trails, a footbridge, and a boardwalk, which stretches across an estuary and into the forest. Watch for a wide variety of birds and other wildlife, as you learn about the remarkable eco-systems that co-exist here on the Acadian Peninsula.

  • Top Discover Acadien Cuisine

    Discover Acadien Cuisine

    Food is integral to the Acadian culture, and the entire region is renowned for its unique cuisine. From traditional Acadian dishes like chicken fricot and tourtiere (meat pies) to excellent seafood, you need to experience it for yourself. And there are an amazing number of ways to do that, from excellent restaurants to edible adventure tours – or perhaps you’d like to join in a traditional Acadian Kitchen Party, where you’ll experience the perfect blend of traditional food, music, and Acadian “joie de vivre”!

  • Top Discover the end of the world

    Discover the End of the World

    Yes, that’s what locals call the Miscou Lighthouse! Home to many festivals, concerts, and events, the lighthouse is tucked in between the Chaleur Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and it offers views that will take your breath away. Stoll aroundahandsomeboardwalkovertheMiscouPlainsPeatBogs andthenstop at the famous painted Church St Cecile, where in 1968, the priest decided to paint the inside of his drab little church. He experimented with cans of pastel spray paint and every square inch of church was painted in coloured crosses, circles, stars and candles - even the ceiling! Today, this church is a national treasure; any time spent there feels magical.

  • Top Cycle around the bay

    Adventures in Kitesurfing and Cycling

    Adventures await you on the Acadian Peninsula, and range from thrilling adventures like kitesurfing to softer adventures such as cycling. Lameque is recognized as the best place in Canada for kitesurfing, and local experts will teach and guide you throughout this thrilling adventure. For those looking for an active but less extreme adventure, the region is blessed with miles of scenic paved bicycle trails, where a gentle breeze on your face and the scent of salt in the air will make the ride one you’ll always remember.

  • Top Comb the Beaches

    Comb the Beaches

    Take a walk along one of several beaches and search for treasures among the pebbles. The Peninsula’s miles of Acadian coast are home to a vast array of marine life. Collect seashells and driftwood, or build a sandcastle in the golden sand. The screech of the gulls provides the perfect soundtrack for your adventure. The magnificent sea is always on the mind of Acadians, and you will understand why this incredible shoreline means so much to the people of the region.

  • Top Venture Out

    Venture Out to Churches, Galleries & Museums

    From one community to another, the museums, churches and galleries reveal the essence of the Acadian spirit. The various Acadian churches tell stories of how important the church was to the Acadian culture, playing parts in the lives of the Acadians that range from religious to social. The many museums tell significant stories that showcase the culture and unique history of the Acadian people in this region from days gone by, and the wonderful art galleries showcase the works of today’s Acadian artisans, who draw their inspiration from this very special corner of the world.

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