Welcome to the Acadian Peninsula

Along the Acadian coast of New Brunswick, you will discover the sea with its golden sandy beaches that you never want to leave. You will see places rich in culture and history, enjoy marine delicacies and discover Acadian culture. From villages to communities, museums, theatre workshops, festivals and unique attractions reveal the essence of the Acadian spirit.

Everything you do will, in some way, reveal a piece of Acadian culture. You’ll leave with a bit of Acadian spirit inside of you!


Yannick Mainville

Acadian Peninsula Tourism Office

Phone: (506) 727-7979, poste 501
Email: yannickmainville@peninsuleacadienne.ca
Website: www.peninsuleacadienne.ca

Maud Michel

Port of Caraquet

Phone: (506) 727-6145
Email: info@portcaraquet.ca
Website: www.portcaraquet.ca/en

Port Specifications

Main Berth

Length: 260 metres (853 ft)

Maximum Vessel Length: 135 metres (443 ft)

Depth: 7 metres (23 ft)

Deck Elevation: 2 metres (6.6 ft) on 90m; 3 metres (9.8 ft) on 165m

Maximum Draft: 6.22 metres (20.4 ft) allowed in channel

Turning Basin: Please refer to Maximum Vessel Length

Tidal Range: 1.5 metres to 1.2 metres

Available Services

  • Power 347/600 3 phases
  • Port operations personnel/security
  • Domestic garbage disposal
  • Pilotage Services (not compulsory but recommended)
  • Tug Services (available upon request - 24 hours notice)

Berth Availability

The partners in the Atlantic Canada Cruise Association are ready to welcome your ships to our harbours. For more information and to secure a berth please contact Maud Michel, Port of Caraquet.

Things to do

Welcome to Caraquet

Sail into the Port of Caraquet, your gateway to the Acadian Peninsula. On one side is the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and on the other is Chaleur Bay, member of the “Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club.” It’s not hard to see why the Acadians settled here, where the sea kisses the golden sandy beaches, and the ocean provides an abundance of delectable seafood. Chat with local fishermen or experience the “joie de vivre” at the heart of the Acadian culture with the music and merriment of a Tintamarre!

Acadian Historical Village

Here you can step into the world of the early Acadians at the award-winning Acadian Historical Village. Everything you do will, in some way, reveal a piece of Acadian culture. You can visit homes and businesses, speak with local characters in the village, and even learn what it’s like to spend the night in an authentic hotel from the early 1900’s. You’ll leave with a bit of Acadian spirit inside of you!

Véloroute of the Acadian Peninsula

The Véloroute is a more than 540 km cycle path, which allows you to discover towns and villages through the picturesque landscapes of the Acadian Peninsula. Take the opportunity to explore the Acadian Peninsula by bike! You will take in breathtaking scenery and can make stops to discover local culture en route!

Lamèque and Miscou Islands

Hike one of the many spectacular trails or find the perfect spot to soak up some sun, with a wealth of quiet, sandy beaches to choose from. Take in the beautiful scenery, no matter the season and the incredible nature that always awaits. Don’t forget to complete your visit with some traditional Acadian cuisine, where fresh seafood is always on the menu.

New Brunswick Aquarium

An excursion to the remarkable New Brunswick Aquarium will introduce you to more than 100 species from the nearby waters. Embark on a guided tour with an interpreter to explore this amazing site, where experts have created special microhabitats in different aquariums to make each of the more than 50 families and more than 100 species feel right at home.

Distillerie Fils du Roy

Embark on a tour of the first Acadian distillery! Discover and taste the incredible, award-winning products and see how they are carefully crafted, here in Caraquet with passion by the Roy family.