Aboard a cruise ship to Atlantic Canada you're more than just a cruiser. You're an explorer on a journey to a new land...

If your clients knew what was right around the corner from them, they would not be able to sleep until they booked a cruise to Atlantic Canada. That's right. Some of the most amazing sites in the continent are right around the corner - an easy cruise from New York or Boston – in the Eastern provinces of Canada.

Atlantic Canada is home to some of the highest tides in the world and the world's first geological park. Visitors can explore the beginnings of North America's history, sit down to seafood feasts to die for, watch whales breaching in their natural habitat, and meet some of the friendliest folks anywhere in the world.

When you recommend a cruise to Atlantic Canada – a thrilling yet relaxing journey through our enchanting little part of the planet - your clients will come back just to thank you. Why? Because when cruisers are looking for something off the beaten path and they discover the natural wonders and rich history of this hidden gem in the Atlantic Ocean, their lives will be changed from the experience and they'll have you to thank for sending them there.

Take a minute to read about what all that the region has to offer. But be careful. You're about to become obsessed with the idea of booking a cruise to Atlantic Canada for yourself.

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Atlantic Canada Cruise Association is a regional partnership leading growth and development of the cruise industry to enhance Atlantic Canada's market position.

Growth of the cruise industry in Atlantic Canada provides broad economic benefits to Atlantic Canada through the expansion of port infrastructure to meet the needs of the cruise industry and through strategic marketing partnerships.

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Atlantic Canada Cruise Association
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