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Welcome to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

An island with two places and two ports, each with very different experiences. The Port of Saint-Pierre is perfect for any kind of vessel, small or large. The Port of Miquelon being a tad more of a niche itself, is perfect for small expedition ships.

While you’re here, allow yourself to be romanced by the charming and unique characteristics of these beautiful French islands just a short cruise from New York or Boston. Get inspired by the unforgettable richness of Basques, Brittany, Normandy, and Acadian culture so close to home.

Explore the region’s heritage and culture through museums and guided tours. Get up close with nature and explore the islands by foot or hop on a bus tour where a guide will discuss the history of this little part of France tucked away in North America. For example, did you know Saint-Pierre et Miquelon was once a hub for liquor smuggling during the Prohibition Era?

Treat your taste buds to fine French cuisine. Be captivated by the works of local artists. Visit local merchants and pick up a memento from a quaint little boutique. Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is an unforgettable visit to France. So close... yet so French!


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Direction de la Communication et du Tourisme

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Cruise and reception Agent

Direction de la Communication et du Tourisme

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Email: beatrice.lescoublet@ct975.fr
Website: www.spm-tourisme.com

Things to do

Discover The Beautiful Downtown

A vibrant, colourful downtown core awaits you. Stroll through the streets filled with charm, quaint shops and restaurants to enjoy. Take in a truly authentic seaside town filled with friendly faces and incredible culture. Oh, and did we mention that it’s the perfect place for an Instagrammable moment?

Explore The Fishing and Marine History

Through a visit to our museums, our walking or bus tours, learn about our fishing and marine history. Take the time to meet locals on the shore who are passionate about doris: the archipelago’s traditional wooden fishing boat, they will welcome you in their fisherman shed on the waterfront and why not try an excursion in this boat during your call?

Hike and Zodiac Tour

After a scenic hike through one of the main trails, board a Zodiac with a guide to discover seals and birds – an unforgettable experience!

Ile Aux Marins

A tiny island once inhabited by over 600 people has become a place with only summer homes and cabins, yet it’s still filled with immaculate remains of the previous community as interactive exhibits. Roam free in and out of the buildings to take in the history and the scenery.

Miquelon Langlade

With islands surrounded by steep cliffs, Miquelon Langlade offers a bounty of beautiful scenery to take in with its green landscape, clean sand, quiet peacefulness, and charming authenticity. Take a walk and just take it all in.