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Welcome to Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan is a special island shaped by the Bay of Fundy tides and filled with unique culture and people - from lobster fishermen and dulse harvesters to lighthouse keepers and local artisans.

The Island truly is a place where you can be as adventurous or tranquil as you like. Explore the fishing wharves, lighthouses, rugged beaches and stunning coastal cliffs. Hop on a boat tour for a closer look at whales, seals, seabirds and wildlife. Venture to the Grand Manan Island museum to explore the heritage. Spend an afternoon exploring local galleries and shops. Whatever you choose, you’ll be fascinated by the island vibes and relaxed way of life.


Cherie Stewart
Director, Tourism and Recreation
Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission

Email: tourism@snbsc.ca

Port Specifications

Tender Dock 1 (Fixed Structure)

Mooring: 16 metres (50 ft)

Entry Depth: 3 metres (10 ft) for tenders

Tender Slip Length: 75 metres (246 ft)

Tender Slip Depth: 3 metres (10 ft)

Tender Dock 2 (Floating Wharf)

Mooring: 16 metres (50 ft)

Entry Depth: 3 metres (10 ft) for tenders

Tender Slip Length: 75 metres (246 ft)

Tender Slip Depth: 4 metres (13 ft)

Available Services

  • Docking assistance
  • Security

Berth Availability

The partners in the Atlantic Canada Cruise Association are ready to welcome your ships to our harbours. For more information and to secure a berth please contact Bonnie Morse, Project Manager, Grand Manan Harbour Authority at (506) 662-8482.

Things to do

Whale Watching

A perfect opportunity to get up close to whales and wildlife. The Bay of Fundy waters surrounding Grand Manan Island are home to a variety of whales, seals and seabirds. Explore these natural wonders on a boat tour, and then visit the Whale and Seabird Research Station - a great little marine natural history museum that will inform and delight curious minds.

Dark Harbour Dulse

If we’re honest, Dark Harbour Dulse is the reason this Island is famous world-wide. Curious about dulse, how it’s made and where to buy some? Stop along your way to Dark Harbour to see it being dried and to try some for yourself.

Machias Seal Island

To the avid bird watcher Machias Seal Island is heaven. Located in the lower Bay of Fundy, about ten miles west of Grand Manan Island, the only occupants of this island are the two lighthouse keepers and during nesting season - thousands of seabirds with the most noted species being the Atlantic Puffin. Plan your trip with Sea Watch Tours - the only authorized tour operators to take you to view this incredible spot.

Hole in The Wall Trail

The scenery on this trail is a must see. Take in the notable, natural formation rock arch, coastal cliffs and incredible views and wildlife along this well maintained, moderate level hiking trail.

Museum and Artisans

Explore the Island’s heritage and talents. The Grand Manan Island Museum is an excellent place to take in the unique heritage, learn about industries that are vital to locals and be introduced to the island way of life. Before you go, stop into the Art Gallery and pick up some stunning works by the talented locals.