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Welcome to St. Andrews

A quaint resort town at the entrance to the Bay of Fundy, St. Andrews is home to award-winning flower gardens, incredible whale watching and scuba diving, white sand beaches, luxury accommodations, world-renowned golf, unique boutiques and shops, galleries and five star restaurants.

Also referred to as St. Andrews By-The-Sea, everything about this town is special and it's one of the oldest and most incredible National Historic Districts in the region. St. Andrews is complete with beautiful architecture, unparalleled scenery and rich marine life. The walkable streets are filled with turn-of-the-century charm.


Cherie Stewart
Director, Tourism and Recreation
Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission

Email: tourism@snbsc.ca

Port Specifications

Main Berth

Length: 260 metres (853 ft)

Depth: 3.04 metres (10 ft) low tide

Depth: 7.31 metres (24 ft) high tide

Deck Elevation: 9.1 metres (30 ft) high tide

Available Services

  • Docking assistance
  • Garbage disposal
  • Security
  • Courier services
  • Water
  • Blackwater pump-out
  • Guest showers

Berth Availability

The partners in the Atlantic Canada Cruise Association are ready to welcome your ships to our harbours. For more information and to secure a berth please contact Paul Nopper, Clerk - Senior Administrator, Town of St. Andrews.

Things to do

Whales and Wildlife

Each year, an impressive array of whales come to feed, have babies and play in the Bay of Fundy. Watch in awe as these gentle giants breach, roll and gracefully sink below the ocean’s surface. Embark on your whale watching boat tour from our incredible downtown wharf.

Visit Ministers Island

As a National Historic District, St. Andrews is filled with rich history. The incredible summer home of Canadian Pacific Railway President Sir William Van Horne, on Ministers Island is a sight to be seen. At low tide, venture over to the island and surround yourself with the rich history while taking in the beauty of St. Andrews from afar.

Golf the World-Renowned Algonquin Golf Course

The views, the ocean breeze and a challenging game. For over a century golfers have travelled to the Algonquin Golf Course to test their skill and take in the view. Ranked among Canada’s top 100 courses, this course is home to two of the top ten golf tees in Canada.

Stroll Through Kingsbrae Garden

A multi-award winning, 27 acre masterpiece, Kingsbrae Garden celebrates St. Andrews’ heritage of fine gardens with its use of old and new gardening styles. You’ll find over 50,000 perennials in themed gardens, ponds, streams and old-growth Acadian forest. You’ll even come across various animals and birds. Before you leave, stop by the Garden Café for tea and a meal prepped by their award-winning chef.

Huntsman Marine Science Centre

The Huntsman Marine Science Centre offers many incredible experiences. Visit the Fundy Discovery Aquarium, head out on a day trip to learn more about marine life from a professional Huntsman Naturalist, walk on the ocean floor to open crab traps and inspect your live catch, walk between the tides to take in the ocean plants and marine life or embark on a marine cruise. The learning opportunities are endless.