Welcome to St. Anthony

The port of St. Anthony is located on the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. Here, history and scenery come together to form a landscape that will capture your imagination.

St. Anthony is home to medical missionary Sir Wilfred Grenfell. He travelled here in the 1890s to investigate the lives of the people who fished on “the Labrador.” This was the start of Dr. Grenfell’s lifelong work in Northern Newfoundland and coastal Labrador, he built hospitals, orphanages, nursing stations and co-operatives. In 1927 he was knighted for his years of service along this coast by King Henry V. Explore his legacy at the Grenfell Historic Properties.

Fishing Point Municipal Park offers an extensive network of trails that provide astonishing vantage points to view coastline, seabirds, icebergs, and whales. Here, you will also find the Fox Point Lighthouse.


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Things to do

Grenfell Historic Properties

Learn about Dr. Wilfred Grenfell and his work along the North coast of Newfoundland and remote communities of Labrador.

Fishing Point Municipal Park

Visit this municipal park, where you can see a lighthouse, walk trails, enjoy rugged coastline, and watch icebergs and whales in season.

The Canso Water Bomber Park

Explore an incredible memorial recognizing all who have served in the Fire Fighting Service.


L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site is the only authenticated Viking site in North America. Archaeological evidence of a Norse presence was discovered and dates to 1000 AD.

Views Galore

Take in the spectacular scenery and wildlife that St. Anthony has to offer.