Welcome to Baddeck

Admire the spectacular Bras d'Or Lake, practice your swing at the Bell Bay Golf Club, go for a drive on the Cabot Trail. For a village, there's no shortage of things to do and sites to see in Baddeck.


Denise Mulley
Harbour Master

Email: bellviewannfield@msn.com

Things to do

Sailing Catamaran Tours

Book yourself a one-day, multi-day or overnight sailing charter on the Bras d’or Lake and explore the Cape Breton coastline and all its beauty. Experience fresh seafood, incredible views and swimming, and quaint coastal communities. These sailing experts will be sure to provide the most memorable of sailing vacations.

Baddeck Lobster Suppers

What’s more Atlantic Canadian than a lobster supper? Here in Baddeck, experience the finest of fresh lobster, or learn how to plank Atlantic salmon over an open flame. From the traps to your table, Baddeck Lobster Suppers have wonderful stories to share and local seafood for you to savour.

Get Your Hands on Our History

Delve into the mind of a genius at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site and read a page from his personal notebook. Take a step with his walking stick and explore the many inventions created by this extraordinary man. Tour an underground coal mine with a retired miner as your guide at the Cape Breton Miners' Museum and participate in a Gaelic milling frolic at the Highland Village Museum.

The Inverary Resort

Located in the heart of Cape Breton, this resort hotel is at the start and end of the world-famous Cabot Trail. Offering a picturesque location with an abundance of amenities and adventures year-round, the Inverary Resort is the best way to experience the Island. Keep your ears open for fiddles and kitchen parties and eyes peeled for the scenic treasures you will take home with you.

Bras d’Or Lake

Strolling the waterfront of Baddeck, the world famous and majestic Bras d’Or Lake will be your backdrop. This UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve is one of the world’s most unique and stunning inland oceans. This lake, and its beautiful ports like Baddeck, have long been a stopping place for boating and sailing for over a century.

The Lakeside Restaurant

This brand-new restaurant in Baddeck is quickly gaining a reputation as a must stop in anyone’s Cape Breton culinary experience. Their modern take on some of the ocean’s most treasured spoils will tantalize your palate as the sunset over the Bras d’Or Lake will satisfy the rest of your senses. Open until Nov 7th. Serving Breakfast from 7-10am, entertainment from 3-6pm and dinner service from 5-9pm.

Narrows Café and Bar

The newest place in Baddeck for small plates and cocktails, the Narrows Café and Bar is located in the newly built Main Lodge on the property which boasts 23 of the nicest, newest hotel rooms on Nova Scotia.

Bell Buoy Golf Club

For golfers of all skill levels and interest, Cape Breton has been a bucket list destination for a tee off time for many years. The Bell Buoy Golf Course is at the center is this island, both in location and reputation. Known as one of “The Big Four,” this course, located and designed around the Bras d’Or Lake’s awe-inspiring views, has long been associated with world class golf.

Freight Shed Bistro and Market

After your waterfront stroll, sit down and enjoy some of the best seafood and dining atmosphere on Cape Breton Island. This newcomer to the Baddeck restaurant scene has already established itself as a must eat location when in the area. The modern bistro feel and local ingredients, paired with an open kitchen concept, will have all five of your senses begging for more.